Friday, June 04, 2004

Two Months From Yesterday is an Important Day

First, the primary election day for the 3rd District--we hope you'll all be out there helping out the great candidates including Jeff, but another issue on the ballot is going to be big news that day as the voters of Missouri decide whether to constitutionally ban same sex marriages.

ArchPundit on Blog Saint Louis pointed out the silliness of this legislation:
Now we aren't just having a fight over gay marriage, but over when we should vote over whether gay marriage shouldn't just be illegal, but really, really illegal.

Jeff hates this amendment. We have a stuffy press release up on our blog talking about it, but it comes down to being that simple. Jeff hates the amendment. It codifies discrimination into the Missouri Constitution and discriminates against people for no other reason than because of who they love. There is no room for that in our society.

As mentioned in comments below, we want you to join us during the Pride Fest parade. We'll have more specific information about the gathering times and places closer to parade time, but Jeff will be walking in the parade and invites all supporters out to join him in celebrating Pride.

Scott (one of the campaign press minions)

PS We just updated the web site--more to come on the blog, but take a look when you get a chance.


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