Saturday, May 29, 2004

Until a couple of months ago, I didn't know that Laura Bush had ever killed anybody. Did everyone but me know this? Admittedly, she's not the president, so her reckless driving at age seventeen is less newsworthy than it would be if George had done it.
Last week, Amy White got on Ted Kennedy's case again for Chappaquiddick. Thirty-five years later, he's still taking flak for it--and deservedly so. Fair enough. But if everybody knows about Ted's past, why don't they know about Laura's? I guess nobody mentions her car wreck because she wasn't a U.S. senator when it happened. But the gist of it is that one night in 1963, Laura was driving with her friend Judy toward the only highway in town. She ran a stopsign just as her boyfriend was driving past. She killed him. Some people think it was premeditated.
Okay, I'll admit that this is just juicy gossip, not important public policy. This is the stuff soaps are made of. But if you're curious, here are two versions. For the cut and dried USA Today report,click here. For the sensational version, click here. Be advised, though: while the facts in the second article are intriguing, the emotional word choice is so overdone that I don't know if any of it is credible.


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