Friday, May 28, 2004

Howard Zinn, bless his heart, has resolved my doubts about the wisdom of taking our troops out of Iraq. His article in the June issue of The Progressive recounts our abysmal history of failure at military occupation and concludes:

Truth is, no one knows what will happen if the United States withdraws. We face a choice between the certainty of mayhem if we stay and the uncertainty of what will follow if we leave.

Zinn argues that civil war is not inevitable and offers a course of action to forestall it. Click here to read the article.

So rather than leaving our troops in Iraq and continuing thereby to recruit for al-Qaida, we should leave.

To those who worry about what would happen in Iraq after our troops leave, they should consider the effect of having foreign troops stay: continued, escalating bloodshed, continued insecurity, increased hatred for the United States in the entire Muslim world of over a billion people, and increased hostility everywhere. The effect of that will be the exact opposite of what our political leaders--of both parties--claim they intend to achieve, a "victory" over terrorism. When you inflame the anger of an entire population, you have enlarged the breeding ground for terrorism.


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