Friday, May 07, 2004


Let me list the reasons why Jeff Smith should win the endorsement of Change for Missouri over 9 other worthy candidates:

1. Jeff has worked with and for Howard Dean.

2. Jeff already knows many of the Democrat leaders in Congress and lobbyists so he will be ready to serve the day he is elected.

3. Jeff is a fiscal conservative judging by his humble office in the heart of the City just 4 blocks from where we meet at Bevo Mill.

4. Jeff is a social liberal who cares about all regardless of gender, social standing, color, creed, sexual orientation, age,etc.

5. Jeff opposes the Patriot Act and all attempts by John Ashcroft to limit our freedoms.

6. Jeff is a teacher and on the Board of a Charter School that has won many awards and stresses education for all children who want to learn.

7. Jeff favors a single payer healthcare system.

8. Jeff is pro-choice and opposes all attempts to prohibit gay marriage through constitutional amendment.

9. Jeff is young enough to serve 20 years in Congress and retain his energy and zest for using government to help rather than harm.

10. Jeff is my friend and I am proud to be his friend.


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