Sunday, June 06, 2004

Catherine Hanaway waited until the end of the legislative session to sign the gay marriage amendment, hoping to force Holden to put it on the November ballot. When Holden directed it be on the August ballot anyway, Matt Blunt refused and the courts had to settle it. Since gay marriage is already illegal in Missouri, ArchPundit observed that, “we aren’t just having a fight over gay marriage, but over when we should vote over whether gay marriage shouldn’t just be illegal, but really, really illegal.”
Despite their setback in court, Republicans, the moral party, feel duty bound to defend our culture against "activist judges." Matt Blunt, whose disingenuous pronouncements belie his wholesome boy next door looks, told cheering Republicans at the state convention: "'Liberals have a long history of using the courts to get what they're denied' through more legitimate means." The convention goers didn't notice the disjunct between that sentiment and a plank in the platform that recommended an end to most abortions and "'the appointing of federal and state judges (who) respect the sanctity of innocent human life.'" To believe that liberals are wrong to use the courts, but conservatives are moral in doing so, is doublethink. Oh, and by the way, since almost half of all fertilized eggs are washed out in menstruation, doesn't the Almighty's profligacy with innocent human life disturb them? Who got to decide, anyway, that fertilized eggs have souls?


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