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Murdock, how's your grandfather? I never watch his station anymore... You gotta wonder what sort of unholy fear is being felt in the heart of NPR employees everywhere... I'd suggest a comparison between Channel 4 and the BBC, but few would understand... even fewer than understood the need to SOY BOMB Bush at the Cardinals game... It's the only appropriate response, if you think about it... S.S. agents don't shoot if you don't have any way to conceal a gun, do they? I'm off my probation, it's a serious question... But no matter what you think of Bush, you should make sure that Kerry's beliefs are perfectly pure and in line with your own... wait, no, that's insane... cops don't have enough money, so let's hire bounty hunters on commission... I never thought I'd hear an overly romantic IRS Policy Proposal...

Write another group wide response that takes up 3 seconds of my dial-up time to read that consists of simply "ha!" and I'll eat your liver. I'm not joking, I have people who will help.

If people don't get my jokes, I don't care. Dyan, Beth, and Janet like me; and the approval of the matriarchy is all that matters. I hope you understand this as well.

I went to see Kerry on Saturday, nice fellow... Dick Gephardt proposed to his wife at the World's Fair pavilion, cute... I wonder if the rest of the crowd was thinking "WHAT A TOOL!" like me... But it seems to have worked out for him... I wanted to make a poster board sign that said "Hoom, Hoom!" but I went to the Zoo beforehand and I didn't want to upset the Chimpanzees... The new River's Edge place is great, by the way... You can only imagine how hard it is for me to resist whispering "Fear not friends, the Army of the 12 Monkees is coming for you!"... but I have amazing self-control... and a healthy fear of law enforcement... unlike Fr. Daniel Berrigan, S.J., whom I saw on Tuesday... I went with my brother, but not the one you know... I'm the oldest of Six, and you only know number three - just to clarify, this was number two... the creepy Lutheran Math Teacher at SLU said the state had a divine right to take up the sword that Christians should support, Berrigan called him a Nazi... It was good times... every time I go see something like that I remember why I wanted to be a priest... stop laughing, I'm over it and so should you be...

Since this is a letter, some may ask why in the world I have a right to pollute this fine blog like this. I've got $450 right, darn it! (I advise everyone to check on their friends and make them feel bad if they're not on there.)

Goodnight, until I drink again,


P.S. I noticed Dyan quoting something without having the knowledge of the mystical blockquote earlier. As I have taught Dyan and Beth how to do comments, and delete posts, I shall also assist with this:
This is a blockquote. Someday I'll send you a .css file to make it prettier, but right now it just differentiates text by indenting it. Use it when quoting news articles.

St. Louisans on this site have probably already read Eric Mink’s excellent column in today’s Post-Dispatch. For those who don’t live in St. Louis, here’s my favorite bit: “This then is the White House position: The president wasn’t in the Situation Room, so he couldn’t have had the conversation, but if he was in the Situation Room, he doesn’t remember the conversation, but whether or not he had the conversation, he asked a perfectly logical question.”

If you want the rest, here’s where to find it: Hi, Matt Fixed this link

Confessions of a Terrible Mom
(Why Bush must stay away from Busch)

Let me start by saying that I am a huge Cardinals fan, huge. I get so excited this time of year, all the new players and the renewed sense of hope; I just love it. As our excitement builds my family and I eagerly await the home opener that we attend as a family tradition each year.

This year the Cardinal organization chose to invite President Bush to throw out the first pitch. I don’t think the Whitehouse has officially accepted yet, they are still checking things out, but none-the-less, I am so irritated that the Cardinals organization has decided to politicize a non-political St. Louis institution.

I am a liberal activist. I spend a great deal of my time being an activist, but a Cardinal game is no place for politics. I want to be able to sit next to a stranger who happens to be a hard-core republican and give him a high five when Pujols hits his first homerun of the season.

If Bush is at Busch, I will be forced to boo him, and loudly. This will undoubtedly turn the nearest conservative heads in my direction, including that of my husband’s boss who will be sitting nearby. Even if I could manage to control myself, I would be busted.

(Here comes the confession part)
You see, my two-year-old son Ty upon seeing the face of our President, which will surely be plastered on the big screen, is prone to yelling “JACK ASS!” I know, I am a terrible Mother, teaching my son a bad word, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I am not really certain how it started but I think it was during the 2003 State of the Union address when my Son was about one and a half. He was on my lap watching with me and the expression just repeatedly flew out of my mouth. He picked it up about halfway through and every time the republicans would applaud, he would yell it. I have to admit, I thought it was pretty funny (he still does it every time he spots him on TV or any picture of him) and have done little to correct this behavior. I figure I just have to work harder to get Bush out of office so Ty will no longer see the need to shout out expletives by the time he starts school.

For those of you who may contend that I am causing some sort of long term damage to my boy’s psyche, please bear in mind the following; my mother still has a picture that I drew when I was six or seven depicting a man pushing over a little girl with the words “Fard pushes gurl” and “I like Carter pecus he is for por people.” I turned out just fine, didn’t I? Okay, don’t answer. Just help me to wish away the thought of Bush invading my Cardinal world, or there will definitely be no joy in Mudville for this crazy momma.

Picking up where I left off yesterday, there are better ways to raise funds and stimulate the economy than giving corporations a 1.75 percent lower tax rate. Here’s what I know. I’m sure you bright folks can add more:
1) Isn’t it possible to penalize companies that move their headquarters offshore? AT LEAST don’t give them government contracts. (I got that notion from Molly Ivins, whose figures on corporate tax rates differ from those I found on GPUSA. She agrees that corporations accounted for 25 percent of federal revenues in the fifties. But instead of saying their rate is now down to one eighth of federal funds, she says it was 10 percent in 2000, and only seven percent in 2001. Seven percent? Geez Louise.)
2) Make the wealthy pay social security taxes on more than just the first $72,000.
3) Roll back Bush’s tax cuts. Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy by 25 percent, and the economy did okay, right?
4) Reinstate estate taxes.
5) Cut payroll taxes for the poor.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

In today's news....

I guess they got the lies all set up properly now...
NBC: Rice to testify in public, under oath
Bush, Cheney also agree to speak before entire 9/11 panel

You'll just love the latest Bush ad:
President Bush, faced with record-high fuel prices, will accuse Democrat John Kerry on Tuesday of wanting to increase gasoline taxes.
A new television advertisement from the Bush re-election campaign seeks to pre-empt Kerry's announcement on Tuesday of a new plan to reduce fuel costs.
"Some people have wacky ideas, like taxing gasoline more so people drive less. That's John Kerry," the Bush ad will say.

Here's a little tidbit from Krugman's article in the NY Times today, you have to read it, it's a gem entitlled "This Isn't America"

This administration's reliance on smear tactics is unprecedented in modern U.S. politics — even compared with Nixon's. Even more disturbing is its readiness to abuse power — to use its control of the government to intimidate potential critics.

Jeanette Ward's crisis of conscience over Kerry's plan to cut taxes for corporations from 35% to 33.25% struck a chord with many of us. Dave Depker tried to defend Kerry: "First, he eliminates the tax loophole which allows corporations to get a credit for taxes paid to a foreign government by companies who have outsourced jobs abroad. Second, since most corporations (over 80%) are small they are less likely to move jobs overseas. Tax reduction for these corporations will encourage more investments in jobs and equipment. Hence, more job creation. Third, there is a correlation between lower tax rates and economic activity."

Striking out into tax matters, that's deep water for someone like me, who usually can balance her checkbook. But here goes. I typed into Google "real corporate tax revenue since 1960." The first site I visited, Progressive Policy Institute, I recommend to Dave. It gave reams of details and crossed my eyes. The second site gave me the statistic I was looking for: in 1960 corporate taxes accounted for one fourth of federal revenue. Today, they account for one eighth. The website was GPUSA National Green Program.

As is usual with Democrats, we're divided over the wisdom of lowering corporate taxes further. Corey Crofford stated: IT'S ONLY TWELVE BILLION! . . . Just think, what if the symbolic gesture of said 12 Billion will get the RINOS (Republicans In Name Only, for the uninitiated) to come to our camp and pow wow." No doubt, that's what Kerry's thinking. But the idea of giving corporations of any size more breaks hurts. That's what Bill Streeter thought: "If there was a correlation between lower tax rates (for corporations) and economic activity (I assume you mean productive economic activity that produces jobs) we wouldn't be bleeding jobs right now. Corporate tax rates are at a historic low. Much, much, lower than [they were during]the best job producing years this country has ever seen. In fact a good number of corporations pay no taxes at all. More often than not, tax breaks to corporations go to boosting profit margins rather than improving employee compensation or adding jobs. For more info on tax fairness check out".

I wouldn't call the question so much a "crisis of conscience" as a disagreement. Let's not forget where the real tax ripoffs have been coming from. If you haven't already done so, read Kevin Horrigan's excellent assessment of our current tax system in the Sunday 3/28 issue of the Post-Dispatch. In 1999, the superrich (the top .01 percent of taxpayers) paid 29 percent of their income in taxes. Poor babies were only earning 24 million dollars every year, and they had to give up so much. But now, thanks to Bush, they pay only 20.4 percent. "The overall rate for all taxpayers is about 20.7 percent." So much for a progressive tax system. We keep edging closer to banana republic status.

So could we look at it this way: Kerry is wonderful! He isn't Bush.


Don’t miss your chance to meet & question the candidates!

Jefferson Township Democratic Club Meeting & Candidates Night
Tuesday, March 30, 7:30 pm

Come meet & question the candidates for the August primary.

Get to know them before you vote!
Regular meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month at
Shrewsbury City Center, 5200 Shrewsbury Ave.
From Murdoch, south on Shrewsbury 4 blocks until it dead-ends

Monday, March 29, 2004

Howard Dean: The UnNader?

It's a rare man whose real interest is the welfare of the people, even if there's not much personal gain. Maybe you are that man.

By Anna Quindlen


Jimmy Kimmel Live:

Kimmel: "A California man he's an atheist went before of the Supreme Court yesterday. He's hoping to get the phrase, "under God," removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. He said it makes the pledge a prayer, and praying is of course forbidden in public schools. This is him on the news yesterday."
Harry Smith [segment from CBS' The Early Show]: "Tell me what it is exactly that you object to."
Michael Newdow [standing in front the U.S. Supreme Court]: "That I don't believe there is a God. And why when I pledge allegiance to my flag [fake lighting strikes behind him], or my child does in public school [another strike] should be [third strike ignites Newdow]…

Late Show With David Letterman

Letterman: "The category tonight — top ten ways Dennis Kucinich can still be the next president of the United States. Number two:"
Kucinich: "Get the governors of every state to rig the election."
Letterman: "And the number one way Dennis Kucinich can still be the next president of the United States:"
Kucinich: "I'm praying for a sex scandal."

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart:

Stewart: "McClennan did actually refute one of Clark's accusations. That the president ordered Clark to find a link between Al Qaeda and Iraq the day after 9/11."
White House spokesman Scott McClennan: "He doesn't recall that conversation or meeting. I mean there is not record of the President being in the situation room on that day it was alleged to have happened, on the day of Sept. 12."
Stewart: "Let me get this straight: On Sept. 12, 2001, Bush didn't use the situation room? What situation was he saving it for? You know what, honestly, take the plastic off the chairs and use the situation room! Sinatra ain't comin' over!

Comment away!

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