Sunday, June 27, 2004

In a column in the Thursday Post-Dispatch recommending that politicians need old time religion if they're to succeed, David Brooks is asking Americans to wa-a-tch the sh-i-ny ob-je-ct and just relax. Remember how important religion is to you and look at your religious president. You're too sleepy to notice him picking your pocket and giving the money to his wealthy contributors. Sl-ee-p. He's born again, so his lies about WMD will be forgiven--just like all your own sins. Of course, you never sent 850 plus American soldiers to die for nonexistent weapons, but don't worry. He's a moral man. Re-la-x. Think about how faithful he is to his wife and how sober and sincere he is. When you awake, you will know that religion is the most important trait in a president. When I snap my fingers, you will awake, and you won't care about any of the behavior a rational person would want from his political leader. Snap.


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