Thursday, July 28, 2005

PAY ATTENTION. Heed and act on the following Free Press letter. (Pardon my imperious tone, but this issue is critical.) I've boldfaced the two most important paragraphs in the letter.
By the way, before you contact the FCC, you might want to review the information about Comcast in the July 18 blog.
If you're fed up with constant cable rate hikes, poor service and a lack of local and independent programming, the FCC needs to hear from you -- right now.
The FCC may allow the three largest cable companies to control up to 90 percent of the cable TV and broadband market in the United States.
Cable costs are growing at more than five times the rate of inflation. But giant cable companies aren’t content to merely gouge you. As they control access to more American homes, big cable will have final say over the shows and channels you can watch.
In the future, video, telephone and Internet services will all be provided via the same "pipes." Giants like Comcast and Time Warner -- which are poised to get even bigger if the FCC approves their takeover of Adelphia -- are positioning themselves to be the ultimate gatekeepers of the media you’re allowed to access and create.
Tell the FCC not to give more monopoly control to cable giants.
The FCC needs to hear from you. Act now to stop the consolidation of the cable industry.
Robert W. McChesney
Free Press
P.S. The FCC needs to hear from thousands of concerned citizens. Please forward this message to everyone you know.


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