Saturday, July 16, 2005

A classic novella called "The Picture of Dorian Gray" depicts a beautiful young man who never ages. On an easel in his studio sits a self portrait, always covered. As the years pass, only the portrait shows Dorian Gray's true age and his corrupt soul. Our wholesome-looking, handsome young governor reminds me of Dorian, handsome and every bit as corrupt.
This month alone he has signed three bills that hurt consumers and protect his business cronies. A Post-Dispatch editorial condemns them:
GOV. MATT BLUNT poked consumers with his bill-signing pen this week, and quite a few ordinary Missourians will be yelling ouch because of it.
The governor signed into law a bill that will help squeeze low-price discounters out of the home real estate business. He signed another that will make it harder for new home buyers to sue builders. And he topped it off with another that will help insurance companies hide misdeeds from nosy reporters and plaintiffs lawyers.
In all, it was a grand slam for business lobbyists in our state capital.

Blunt is even thumbing his nose at his own legislature by vetoing an ethics bill they passed overwhelmingly. Since he's due up before the Ethics Commission next month on a campaign finance beef initiated by the State Democratic Party, Fired Up theorizes that he's making a political point before facing the tribunal for accepting an illegal contribution from his Transportation Commissioner, Mike Kehoe:
By vetoing their bill, Blunt was flexing his gubernatorial power in full view of the Ethics Commission. If he can kill their legislation, what else could he do to them? Perhaps the Commission will think twice before taking enforcement action against Blunt and Kehoe.
And what if the Commission hangs tough, does its job and holds Blunt and Kehoe responsible for their illegal activity? Blunt's veto last week provides him his talking points: "The Ethics Commission's action today is petty retribution for my recent veto of their flawed legislation.”

Then there's all the pork he's shoving at Johnson Controls, but I'll spare you the details. Let me just say that this is the Show Me state and Blunt is showing us exactly how corrupt he is. He flaunts it and turns arrogant when State Auditor Claire McCaskill tries to do her job. Again, Fired Up:
State Auditor Claire McCaskill met with Gov. Blunt yesterday in an attempt to get his Department of Revenue to stop stonewalling on her requests for information.
McCaskill's office is aggressively monitoring the Blunt Administration, just as she did the previous three Democratic administrations. The whining of the Blunt folks to the contrary is just that, political whining.
The Blunt Administration simply does not believe that they are accountable to the public for their actions. They give away contracts to their buddies, and then if someone wants to know if they gave state equipment too, Blunt's people ask in a huff, "Why is that any of your business?"

During the legislative session, Blunt's flagrant disregard for most Missourians registered in the consciousness of voters. His approval ratings plummeted to 33 percent. Unfortunately, his latest sins are getting less press. He's edged up to 35 percent.


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