Sunday, July 24, 2005

Besides Rove/Plame, another "old news" story is coming to a head. Daily Kos reprinted these paragraphs from The Boston Herald, May 8th, 2004:
Signaling the worst revelations are yet to come, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said the additional photos show "acts that can only be described as blatantly sadistic, cruel and inhuman." [...]

The unreleased images show American soldiers beating one prisoner almost to death, apparently raping a female prisoner, acting inappropriately with a dead body, and taping Iraqi guards raping young boys, according to NBC News.

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina said the scandal is "going to get worse" and warned that the most "disturbing" revelations haven't yet been made public.

Notice the date: 2004. The administration has so far managed to censor those pictures, and in this country (unlike others around the globe) the media refuses to discuss the issue without the pictures. In the blog "Sodomizing Children. For Freedom." Kos bemoans the way our press hogties itself:
I'm tired of all of it. Just tired. I'm tired because the rest of the world has known this for a year, and we refuse to discuss it in this country. And in truth, we can't discuss it in this country without the (heavily censored) pictures, because without the pictures, the horrible, horrible actual pictures, the loathsome, brick-stupid f---ing news media doesn't see a story. And without the pictures, every bloated, pill-popping, corpse-like Rush Limbaugh clone in America will continue to claim it's all lies, all exaggerated, all phony.

Because, God f---ing knows, we would never even abuse even an inanimate Koran, and God help you if you report such a thing without the very pictures to see it happening before your eyes.

So why don't we have the pictures? A year ago, five civil rights groups sued to make them public and have been frantically held off in court since then. In June the administration asked to be given a month to redact the faces of those in the videos to protect the innocent. When the month was up, the administration asked that the videos not be released for the sake of safety for the individuals involved. The court has not ruled on that yet. Knowing the photos will inevitably come out, some Republican senators actually want to legislate stiffer rules for humane treatment of prisoners. Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and John Warner plan an amendment to the $442 billion defense bill, but BUSH THREATENS TO VETO THE BILL if any such amendment is attached. Kos again:
Yes, according to the Bush administration, any attempts by Republican senators to legislate against, say, the sodomizing of detained children are unduly infringing on the president's fight against terrorists.

Senator Talent, who is on the Armed Services Committee (and has presumably seen the pictures), has had nothing to say about the issue, nor has Bond. But you can put in your two cents and see that our senators hear it. The People's E-Mail Network (PEN) is circulating a petition. (You'll have to erase my info.)
Let's see: Rove/Plame, the horrors of Iraq, the Downing Street Memo and now this. How many elements does it take to make a perfect storm?


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