Saturday, June 18, 2005

Today's Post-Dispatch devotes an entire page to letters about Howard Dean, mostly in his defense. Here's the beginning of my favorite:
Surely if you are so disapproving of Howard Dean's statements, you must be burning about the Downing Street Memo, a document that proves that our president had planned to go to war with Iraq from the beginning of his term in office and "fixed" the intelligence to support that intention.
I can understand that you may be becoming so used to distortion and falsification on the part of this administration that you believe the Downing Street Memo to be ho-hum and not worthy of comment. However, if I had to pick misbehavior to skewer, I would choose impeachable offenses ....

For your reading pleasure, here's a link to the page.
Now let's see what a professional can do with the topic. William Rivers Pitt of Truthout will delight you even more.
If the leadership qualities of those in charge of the national Democratic Party could be squeezed into a shampoo bottle, the directions on the back of the bottle might read something like this: “Make tentative statement. Offer equivocation to avoid appearing adamant. Scramble for cover when colleague offers stinging critique of opposition. Stab colleague in back in public. Palpitate and fret, hem and haw. Lather, rinse, repeat.”
Quite a recipe for success, yes? Not lately.
For the last several years, the Democratic Party has been, for the most part, leaving skid marks on the street as they have retreated from confrontation after confrontation with the radicals who now control the Republican party. This retreat has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime to the utterly outrageous.
Here and there resistance has been put forth - on the Social Security issue, on the stem cell legislation, on the nomination of Bolton as UN ambassador - but all too often the most effective resistance to these and other disastrous policy initiatives has come from other Republicans, and not from the Democrats. It was the eloquence of Republican Senator Voinovich that threw sand in the gears of the Bolton nomination, and it was Republican Senator Specter’s promised override of any Bush veto of the stem cell legislation that has made that issue a problem for the White House.
And then along comes Howard Dean, chairman of the DNC, outspoken and uncompromising, swinging Willie Stark’s meat ax with a will and a purpose. He dared to say that he hates Republicans, that the leadership of that party hasn’t worked a day in their lives, that the GOP has become a radical hothouse of right-wing Christians, almost all of whom are white, and that House majority leader Tom DeLay should go back to Texas and get his looming prison sentence over with. Insert palpitations. Suddenly, Democrats like Joe Biden and Bill Richardson start knocking over furniture and old ladies in their rush to get to a microphone so they can distance themselves from the wild man.

Please don't deny yourself the pleasure of reading the rest.


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