Thursday, June 02, 2005

Today is another of those times when my blog is a letter I just e-mailed to the Post-Dispatch. Amy White's column today raised my blood pressure sufficiently to merit an answer:

Somebody needs to clean the fairness filter in Amy White's brain because it is currently allowing only right-wing propaganda to pass through. She muses smugly about the growing distrust of the media among Americans, a distrust that the Bush administration fosters and delights in, and she criticizes media blunders by Dan Rather and Newsweek. White never mentions, though, the deliberate, constant lies and attempts to mislead from the right.
Here's an abbreviated list of items that couldn't get past her clogged filter: Unlike the lively British press, the American (supposedly liberal) press has ignored the Downing Street Memo, which recently came to light in London. That memo describes meetings between top level American and British figures in 2002, and it states that Bush was deliberately manipulating intelligence to justify attacking Iraq. All those lies we heard about WMD were exactly that--lies. British headlines have been screaming about the memo. Our press, on the other hand, not only failed to adequately investigate Bush's WMD claims before the war, but is currently failing to report this important information. And yet our media is still not tame enough to suit him or Amy White. Only Fox News and the like, which report his every distortion as scripture, are considered sufficiently "truthful".
So this administration deems it necessary to undermine what little press independence remains. They planted an operative named James Guckert in the White House press corps--even gave him an alias, Jeff Gannon. His assignment was asking softball questions to divert attention from any embarrassing questions other reporters might ask. On the Q.T., they paid Armstrong Williams $250,000 of taxpayer money to spew propaganda about the failed No Child Left Behind program. Bush even used millions in taxpayer funds to produce fake news segments which were frequently aired on TV stations across the country with no disclaimer that they were administration propaganda.
Amy White's unquestioning bias over the past couple of years has further sullied the reputation of the media, but she dares criticize the integrity of Bill Moyers? The woman lacks an irony gene.


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