Wednesday, June 29, 2005

If you haven't already, you might want to add Fired Up to your favorites list. The site comments on Missouri politics and Republican hypocrisy, often with style and wit. To wit:
Matt Blunt: "Patient Abuse Has Gone On For Too Long; I'll Stop It--- Next Year."
Remember back in January when Matt Blunt announced that he would close the Bellefontaine Rehabilitation Center to save the state money. Well it turned out that the rookie Governor failed to factor federal funding into the cost saving calculation. After someone did that for him, it turned out that closing the Center would actually cost the state money.
So the Governor That's Never Wrong then shifted his rationale--- the state should close the Center because of... patient abuse.
While the Center has had a spotty record on patient treatment, parents and families rose up and fought to block Blunt's closure plan. They won that fight in the legislature.
But Blunt hasn't given up. A spokesman said Monday that Governor Blunt still intends to propose closing down Bellefontaine in his next budget next year. "There's been just a sad history of violence and abuse committed on the residents of Bellefontaine by the workers there," said Spence Jackson. "And those workers are state employees."
If the Governor were so concerned about patient abuse, wouldn't he be taking steps now to protect them, rather than waiting until the start of Fiscal Year 2007? Blunt's plan looks more and more like a face-saver, rather than a life-saver.


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