Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Earlier this month, Dean spoke the truth about Republicans. Last week, Dick Durbin spoke the truth about Guantanamo. Now Maxine Waters, D-CA, is calling the president out for "the Big Lie" (great framing!). She spoke after Conyers' Downing Street Memo hearings on behalf of the newly formed Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus. Fifty representatives have joined in order to "to take on this president in a real way."
Talk about red meat rhetoric. Ms. Waters makes Dean and Durbin look tame.

Your president is a liar. There is now and never was any weapons of mass destruction. Dick Cheney, the chief architect of the big lie, is not only a liar, but he's a thief. He is responsible for the no bid contracts of Halliburton. He is responsible for the fact that Halliburton has been cheating the American public. He is responsible for giving them a big bonus for being thieves. Condoleeza Rice is a liar, a thief, and a betrayer of the public trust.

Hoowhee. And it's even better when you can hear Waters' emphatic speech and watch her jab the air with her finger to punctuate her words.
You'd think her fightin' words would draw Republican fire, but she's not a high enough profile target, at least not yet. But here's the plan:
"The Out of Iraq Congressional Caucus is a newly formed effort whose sole purpose is to be the main agitators in the movement to bring our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our efforts will include the coordination of activities and legislation designed to achieve our goal of returning our troops home. Through floor statements, press conferences, TV and radio appearances and other actions, we will provide leadership for the American Public who has been waiting too long for our collective voices against the war."

So if she's lucky, her comments will draw enough media attention to force Republicans to paint a target on her as they've done on Dean and Durbin. Give 'em hell, Maxine.
My Democratic contressman, Lacy Clay, is not a member of the caucus. I will write and urge him to join. If you want to know whether your representative belongs, check the list here.


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