Monday, May 09, 2005

What I just want to know is, howcome Hawaii gets three Air America stations, even Portland, Maine has one, but Missouri? Zippo. Three of our St. Louis Change for Missouri members are working to bring liberal talk radio to this hinterland. They've researched the best way to go about it, and here's what they learned.
First, do a survey to prove to station owners that there's a market. You would think that, given the voting record of St. Louis, that proposition would be self evident, but these three women are doing the job correctly. They've put up a website where you can quickly sign the petition (survey) for liberal talk radio in Eastern Missouri.
Next, they'll talk to businesses to get some to sign letters of interest. These won't be contracts. They'll merely express the businesses' interest in advertising during progressive programming. (Do you know of any businesses they might want to contact?)
Finally, having done the legwork for our local stations, these women will present the petitions and letters of interest, and voila: anti-Rush ideas will start streaming out. We hope.
Please complete the two minute survey and get as many of your acquaintances as possible to sign it as well.
One of these three women, Wendy Foster Dickson, has her own website, by the way, and I think I'll just give it a plug. I have two car magnets on my trunk lid that I bought from her:
The national debt is a BIRTH tax
Governor Blunt is hurting MO

She has plenty more to choose from at She also has a diary there that's posted on Daily Kos as well, where I just learned that I had gotten mistaken info about Lacy Clay. I had read he voted to repeal the estate tax. Not so. He voted against repealing it.


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