Saturday, May 07, 2005

As committed Christians, I'm sure Matt Blunt and Cynthia Davis don't utter any coarse expletives in front of Jack Cardetti's name, not even in private--but they'd like to. How frustrating for them.
Jack has earned their ire. In fact, that's his full-time job. As one of the two people in charge of the Missouri State Democratic Party, he spends much of his day on the phone with reporters and editorial writers around the state, giving them the lowdown on the latest Republican scummy scam, and newspapers from Springfield, Hannibal, Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis have been printing stories off his tips. Dyan Ortbal-Avalos googled negative news stories about the state G.O.P. and found that between April 29-May 3, there were 43.
What a miserable four days that must have been.
I googled news stories in which Jack Cardetti is quoted and found 24. For sheer "caught-in-the-act" deliciousness, my favorite is the asbestos story. When the papers gave Blunt grief for spending $43,000 to redecorate his offices in a time of Medicaid budget cuts, Blunt repeatedly claimed that mold and asbestos made it necessary. But someone tipped Cardetti that there was basically no asbestos problem, and he in turn sicced a reporter on the governor. Turns out that a plank over a radiator had some asbestos on it, and a workman carried it away. Blunt must have been squirming when the brouhaha made it into an AP wire story. He told the reporter, "I'm not an expert in asbestos removal and handling, so I don't know at what point asbestos really begins to create additional costs involved in a normal renovation." The same reporter quoted Cardetti: "This is yet another example of our new governor being factually challenged."
Less well known than Blunt but more "out there" is Cynthia Davis, the O'Fallon representative who introduced a bill requiring that a chapter on alternatives to evolution be presented in Missouri biology textbooks (Blog St. Louis commented: "In scientific terms, that would be several blank pages.") Ms. Davis hit the news as a result of an ethics violation filed by "the state Democratic party" (aka Corey Dillon), alleging that Davis had paid a thousand dollars in real estate taxes out of her campaign fund and used campaign funds to buy a $2800 truck that wasn't used for campaign purposes. "Campaign-finance rules are extremely complex, and I will work to see that any inaccuracies are immediately remedied." Actually, the rule is simple: Campaign money "shall not be converted to any personal use." So the Post-Dispatch wasn't buying her tepid apology. An editorial snickered that she feels qualified to judge the merits of evolutionary theory but can't master the basics of campaign finance law.
Corey Dillon says the state party has filed so many ethics violation complaints recently that the clerks in that office call her Corey and know all her basic information.
Our august state party in Jeff City (all both of them) deserves our support. I just joined online ($25 a year). You might wanna do the same.
And I reserve the right to utter any coarse expletive that suits me when I see Blunt or Bush on the tube.


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