Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wendy Dickson offered the piece below for the blog. I'm sure any Republican who reads it would echo the pointed haired boss in Dilbert: "Don't get all mathy on me." Yeah, well that's what you say when the math supports the other side.
Nuclear Option is Tyranny of the MINORITY!
I DID THE MATH. With population numbers from the 2000 Census and a calculator, I confirmed my suspicion that Republicans represent fewer Americans in the Senate than Democratic Senators even though they are outnumbered by 10. The 55 Republicans Senators represent states with a population of 112,858,577 residents or 49%, while the 45 Democratic and Independent Senators represent States with a total of 117,657,044 residents or 51% of the population. I divided population numbers equally in states with divided party representation. (Yes, I included the District of Columbia with Democrats even though they are technically not represented. Without DC the numbers only change by a tenth of a percent, but more importantly, since DC votes nearly 90% Democratic, their views are clearly represented by Democratic Senators.)
But what about the 2004 election with Republican landslides in Congress and Bush¹s so-called "mandate" with the SMALLEST winning margin of any re-elected President. Well, first of all, Bush was not elected King, so he is NOT entitled to "absolute power" or 100% of his judicial nominees.
Then I tried another angle and added up the votes received by each winning Senator in the 2004 election and came out with a surprising result. Even though Republicans won 19 of the 34 Senate races last year, Republican Senators received fewer votes than Democratic Senators.
Democratic Senators won 15 seats in 2004 with 26,480,865 votes.
Republican Senators won 19 seats in 2004 with 25,148,676 votes.
That is a difference of 1,332,189 votes or 2.6%.

We all understand that the Senate was set up as a "check and balance" to the inherently more politically populace driven House of Representatives. By choosing Senators by State instead of population, the founding fathers hoped to protect the rights of the minority against the "tyranny of the majority." But if population is considered, or the vote count received by each Senator, there is no doubt that our founding fathers' fear is being turned on its head.
Republican Senators, in fact, represent a minority of Americans. If the "nuclear option" is utilized to strip Democratic Senators of their right to dissent, when they represent the majority of Americans, then we will have, in fact, A TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY!
Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.


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