Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In case you've never read it, Daily Kos is a left wing blog worth signing up for. Take a look, for example, at today's entry:
Byron York of the National Review has a new book out "The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy". Below is the cover, with what I assume are the players of said conspiracy. Daily Kos is on there. [Click here to see the cover and the comments.]
Problem is, I have never conspired with anyone else on the list. Not that I wouldn't mind doing some conspiring, mind you. But alas, we're still working up to it.
It'll be interesting to see what crazy theories York has cooked up for the book because quite frankly, he's about 2-5 years too early on this. We ARE building a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to rival the $300 million conservatives spent on theirs every year. But we are but a seedling at this point. Not very "vast", in other words.
One thing I have heard -- York goes after some of our 527s and has a whole chapter devoted to the Center for American Progress. Word is this book is the first salvo of the Right's attempts to destroy our nascent institutions before they can get fully off the ground.
Whatever York has "dug up", expect to be the genesis of many a legal challenge from right wing "watchdog" groups in the coming months.

There are a bazillion comments. I liked these two:
"Potential conspirator here ... Let me know how I can help once this thing gets off the ground. Proud Member of the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy."
This is the beginning of a concerted attack by the Right Wing as they conspire to destroy the Left Wing and progressives from effectively organizing into greater relevance and power. Don't be fooled by this as "paranoia". This is just good P.R. thrown out to frighten and squelch any real power developing from the Left Wing. It's NOT funny, and should be taken seriously. Fight back HARD on this to preserve OUR right to grow into a powerful force. Do not assume it's irrelevant because it so off the mark. This is an intentional assault and [full steam] resistance to this should be mobilized. This kind of book is not to be sneered at. It's just the beginning. Be aware!!


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