Sunday, April 03, 2005

I just suffered an attack of Molly Ivins withdrawal--curses on you, Eric Mink--but remedying the problem is as easy as clicking on AlterNet, which I did. A couple of weeks ago, Molly was pointing out that Tom DeLay is NOT typical of corrupt Texas legislators. Even the ethically challenged Texas pols wouldn't do what DeLay does. She certainly wouldn't claim they're angels:
The John Wesley Hardin Died for You Society has a theme song that goes: "He wasn't really bad. He was just a victim of his times." I sometimes find this useful in trying to explain Texas political ethics to outsiders.
My theory is that few Texas pols are actual crooks, they just have an overdeveloped sense of the extenuating circumstance. Woodrow Wilson Bean once warned himself that he was skatin' close to the thin edge of ethics. After a moment, he concluded, "Woodrow Wilson Bean, ethics is for young lawyers."
We had a governor who was caught in a big, fat lie about a football scandal (serious stuff) and explained, "Well, there never was a Bible in the room."

But DeLay is leagues beyond the "extenuating circumstance rationalizer". Let Molly, in her own inimitable way, explain the difference.
Click here to read the rest of "The Stench of Rotting Ethics".


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