Friday, January 28, 2005

Who’s Afraid of the Deaniacs?

The only people who are afraid of Howard Dean becoming the next chairman of the DNC are the old school, inside the beltway, top down, move to the middle, democrats. We sense your fear, and we understand that change is hard, and ask that you please GET OVER IT!

The only people who should be afraid of Governor Dean are republicans. His clear, concise, and visionary plan to revamp the Democratic Party is giving hope and inspiration to the befuddled masses of lifelong democrats.

I have heard through the grapevine that voting DNC members are talking about how they aren’t going to let so called Deaniacs take over the Democratic Party. All I can say is, they should be so lucky.

What is a Deaniac you ask? Well, first, Deaniac is a silly name given to us by the media, not one we gave ourselves. Originally we were supporters of Howard Dean’s lambasted presidential campaign. We come in all ages, all income brackets, from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and various levels of education; we are black, white and everything in between. We care deeply about our country and have tremendous concerns about the policies and proclamations of the current administration. We are extremely dedicated to the cause of democracy, we are organized, determined, and collectively hold more wealth than any group of corporate donors or lobbyists.

Those of you who think you can sum us up as a bunch of young, rabid, radically left wing yahoos, frankly, you need to stop relying on the corporate media to form your opinions, because you could not be further off the mark.

We are a vigorous and growing group of active democrats, did you catch the ACTIVE part? First and foremost, make no mistake: Dean Democrats are REAL Democrats. In fact, some of us are also REAL Independents and REAL Green Party members, and even REAL Republicans. Howard Dean's appeal is broad and it is REAL.

As a group, Democracy for America members are concerned citizens. Many of us have never been involved in politics before. By the sheer force of his message, we find ourselves energized and inspired by Howard Dean and his plain spoken, sensible, bottom up, empowering ways. We are attracted to Dean because he has the courage of his convictions. We are teachers, mothers, computer programmers, bankers, writers, union workers, ministers, veterans, college students, lawyers, retired senior citizens, and kids just graduating high school (and ready to cast their first votes). In short, we are the heart and soul of America.

We find your fear of Howard Dean and his supporters disturbing and sometimes unnecessarily contentious. You blatantly misrepresent his appeal, constantly reinforcing the corporate media’s labeling. Furthermore, your negative assessment about those who place their faith in grassroots efforts is especially irksome now, in these times of troubling conservatism, these post election months when Democrats are so desperately in need of unity.

We are not activist elites; clearly, we are rank-and-file Democrats who desire - as you do - to take back our country. We also seek to reclaim the Democratic Party from timid, ineffective leadership that leaves many Democrats feeling cold and embittered. We long for strong voices that articulate our concerns on major issues such as health care, education, diplomacy, civil and human rights, environment, and of course, fiscal responsibility. Contrary to the corporate media’s insinuations, Dean is our strongest ally in the fight for a strong, sustainable democratic party that will ensure us a balanced budget, a health care plan inclusive of all Americans, and the restoration and protection of civil liberties. We also hail Dean as a staunch advocate for military operations WHEN THEY ARE JUSTIFIED.

Therefore, as Deaniacs, we urge you to support Howard Dean's relentless, passionate call for unity and reform. You must admit the national response to his message among Democrats is nothing short of amazing. And rightly so! Where would the Democratic Party be without involvement from the grassroots sector? Please no longer assume that we who ultimately work our hearts out for the future success of this party -- are merely an "aberration" among Democrats? What more could the DNC ask for, if not a growing base of involved, inspired, and loyal constituents?

We urge the voting DNC members to open your minds to Howard Dean, the doctor of democracy. If you select him, we will come. WE STILL WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Dyan Ortbal-Avalos


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