Monday, January 17, 2005

This has all the feel of the buildup to the war in Iraq. I already feel the country slipping in behind the Bush Administration's multi-million dollar propaganda effort. I also believe that they're using this issue to keep the daily killing in Iraq off the front page.

It's going to take a grassroots effort, especially in fund raising, to have any hope of heading this disaster off. The Democrats in Congress cannot protect Social Security without massive support.

JoEtta's comments about "trading Grocery money for Lottery Tickets" is right on target. Also, Ruth's Insurance company comparison is extremely valid as well. Interestingly enough the key to selling insurance has always been "creating doubt and fear"

I was a little concerned when I listened to the various speaker's that introduced Howard Dean Friday evening in St. Louis. They were talking about the Lakoff/Luntz approach but they're not quite there yet. We've got to get down to "one and 2 word phrases" that evoke strong emotions. They were using 5 and 6 word phrasing. They don't quite get it yet but it's good to at least see that the message is getting through.

Greg Wiley


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