Saturday, January 08, 2005

Progressives were complacent far too many years. As a result we're how fighting a hydra-headed monster, and here's an example of another tentacle. reprinted the following article:
Business Lobby to Get behind Judicial Bids
By Tom Hamburger and Peter Wallsten
The Los Angeles Times
Thursday 06 January 2005
An industry group's plan to spend millions promoting conservative nominees brings a new dimension to the divisive confirmation battles.
Washington - A powerful business lobby is preparing a multimillion-dollar campaign to aid the White House in its quest to win approval for conservative judges, a move that could transform the ideological battles over the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court.
The new effort on behalf of some of the nation's biggest manufacturers will increase the cost, visibility and intensity of an already divisive confirmation process, one that has been dominated by social issues.
The shift puts the business lobby on the same side as social conservatives. The corporate world has long shied away from such controversial issues as abortion, but enthusiastically supports the Bush administration's campaign to rein in what it considers frivolous lawsuits against businesses and physicians.

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