Friday, January 21, 2005

From NBC Nightly News, Wednesday, January 19, 2005 -- Referring to complaints about special-interest corporate funding of the $40,000,000 inauguration festivities (and the special bribes such funding buys), James Gibbons, Republican Congressman from Nevada said, "Anybody who is against that, obviously must be a communist!"

So there you have it. Trent Lott calls political payola free speech, and James Gibbons calls the questioning of it "communism." This, from the party of "character, honor and integrity." Hmmmm...

And today, Bush shifted his marketing strategy by NOT referring to a war on terror; NOW it's a war for our freedom — not the Iraqi's freedom, OUR freedom. Know why he said this? Because he SCREWED UP the war on terror, so now he's got to move on to the war for our freedom. See, he can say he's WINNING that war. Kind of like selling elephant repellent. "Does it WORK? Of COURSE it works! You don't see any elephants around here, do ya?"

All this leads me to assume that there's a bet going on in the White House as to JUST HOW FREAKIN' FAR THEY CAN STRETCH AN AUDACIOUS LIE before even Wal-Mart shoppers in redneck slave states say, "Wwwwwhat the f....?"

I can just envision Bush and Rove after a press conference, walking together through the halls of the White House on their way back to The Oval Office. They're barely able to control their giggling so they pick up speed and break into a trot before anyone sees them snickering. They burst through the Oval Office door just as Karl Rove loses it and starts rolling on his back on the carpet. Then George bends down to give him a good ol' boy pink belly while Rove kicks his feet in the air. And between their guffaws they catch their breaths and Bush blurts out, "Can you believe that Karl!!??? You owe me $1000 bucks you big, beautiful lying fat sack of crap! I KNEW they'd buy it! I KNEW it! KNEW it! KNEW it! Now what's next? What'll we do NEXT? It's gotta be bigger, 'cause I just love ta see them liberals' jaws drop as if I said I'm calling my weakening of air-pollution regulations my 'Clear Skies Initiative' or something."

Then Karl Rove reminds Bush that they already DID that one.

Michael Ankelman


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