Saturday, December 18, 2004

"The Democratic Leadership Council's addiction to contributions from Philip Morris, Texaco, and Merck is proof enough that its "centrism" is really a naked corporate agenda." So says David Sirota in an article in The Nation. He proceeds to list seven major policy areas in which a large majority of Americans agree with progressive positions. In every case, the DNC labels our positions as extreme left wing, mainly because their corporate contributors disapprove of those ideas. Sirota mourns the fact that "now an effort is under way to set this faux 'centrism' in stone" by electing Simon Rosenberg as the new DNC chairman in February. While it is maddening to watch this DNC toadying to corporate interests, it is heartening to see how many Americans are just waiting for a party to actually espouse what we liberals want. Click here to read the article.
There is ongoing discussion on the Change for Missouri site about how best to lobby the representatives of the Missouri Democratic Party who will have a vote on this issue in February. I'll update you on that discussion . . . or you can sign up to receive e-mail from Change for Missouri.


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