Thursday, December 30, 2004

The book progressives are most excited about this year is George Lakoff's Don't Think of an Elephant. Deb Conley organized a well attended book study about it and has had requests to follow up with more groups for those who couldn't attend the first one. Interested? Here's what Deb has to say:
Our first three week book study sessions on the book "Don't Think of an Elephant" is now over and we are moving forward. The study was full to capacity and we had many enthusiastic participants. Senator Joan Bray and her assisatant Kristy Manning were two of the participants. They added a lot to our framing the political issues.
We can be better prepared to frame the progressive values when speaking, writing or communicationg in any way to the public and or politicians. Lakoff's books are teaching us a lot about framing the progressive message and infiltrating the worldview of the staus quo.
We now have three other book studies in the planning stage and many people who are anxious to spread the progressive values message. Our Yahoo group is now up and running and we recently filed the materials that we used for the pilot program on the site. This includes all three session materials and background. Hopefully, having these materials ready for others to use in a study will allow more study time and forgo the numerous hours it took preparing questions and researching materials.
Some of you indicated that you were familiar with Lakoff's work and would be interested in starting a study or just be a part of a group spreading the message and learning more about framing the progressive message . I recall a few of you who indicated that you wanted to be part of the "Show Me Framing" Yahoo group when it was up and running. Let me know if you are still interested, who you are, and include your e-mail address so I can send you an invitation.
Those who want to be added to a list for future studies, or who are already familiar with Lakoff's work and have a desire to be part of a working to re-frame the issues Yahoo Group, they can contact me at:
We prefer that those who want to join in our Yahoo group, read either of Lakoff's books, "Don't Think Of An Elephant", "Moral Politics" or have viewed his video on "How Democrats and Progressives Can Win", and support the content of the material. The people involved in the "show me framing" yahoo group are dedicated to learning more about framing the progressive message, using what they are learning, and assisting others in learning more about framing the progressive moral values.
In Service for Peace and Justice,
Deb Conley


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