Friday, November 12, 2004

From the Seattle Times:
"At this point the number of irregularities brought to our attention is not going to change the outcome of the election," said DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera. "The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans received more votes than Democrats, and we're not contesting this election."
What could be clearer than that statement? And yet Betsy Vasquez of the Moderate Independent believes the Dems are just lying low and biding their time. Actually, she presents some intriguing support for that possibility, and I'd love to believe her, but ... well, judge for yourself:
Think Kerry Is Not Involved In This Fight? Think Again. Also: Fallujah = Operation
Distract From Fixed Election.
by Betsy R. Vasquez
The Moderate Independent

NOVEMBER 10, 2004 - When Senator John Kerry (D-MA) talked about how his policy would be different in Iraq, he kept saying, in effect, 'It's the how, stupid.' He said repeatedly he would fight a "smarter" war.
Flash forward to today. Following the election, there was a problem apparent. The exit polling didn't match the ballot count, and many reasons for that began to become apparent.
John Kerry was faced with three options. One, fight on publicly rather than conceding and put the nation into a media frenzied limbo. Two, concede and go on with his life, turning his back on his promise to his supporters to ensure that "every vote will be counted."
Most people are assuming that John Kerry opted for the second of these while John Edwards, his runningmate, opted for the first, and since Kerry was the big dog, he won out. But people who think this are thinking in Bush terms, all or nothing, either you are for the war or against it, that either Senator Kerry was for recounting the votes or he was against it.
The reality is, John Kerry has chosen a third, much smarter course - just as he said he would all along.
John Kerry realized that to launch a public campaign calling the vote into question would be disastrous. In fact, he likely realized he would be walking right into a Bush-set booby trap.
In particular, during our election coverage we talked about the pending battle of Fallujah, about the timing of it being an election ploy, about how it was following in the constant Bush pattern of creating a media event to sway the election, as he did last time by making the run up to the Iraq invasion come to a head exactly on election week.
Well, the battle in Fallujah began hitting the media hard in the week before the election, right on cue. Of course it was billed as the solution, the battle that - if you just keep Bush in office -will wipe out those insurgents and solve the problems over there. This was yet another obvious use of our nation's troops by President Bush as if they were campaign volunteers rather than non-partisan volunteers to defend our nation.

To read the rest, click here.
Now understand that the question isn't whether Kerry really won or not. The exit polls leave me little doubt on that score. For a fine summary of that evidence, click here. No, the question is whether or not Kerry can prove we were cheated--whether, indeed, he would try even if enough evidence were available. Those are two good questions.


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