Tuesday, October 05, 2004

This is from Change for Missouri member Tom Przyzycki, I think it was written before the first debate, sorry it took so long to post, I missed it the first time he sent it me.

A Personal Note!

Hello again, It seems to me that the election process in this country is one giant effort to DUMB DOWN the voting public. The debates will be nothing more than political rhetoric sound bites with very little in the way of an intelligent exchange.
For instance, the first debate will cover Foreign Policy. I would liketo see W explain the lack of European support for the war in Iraq. In the days leading up to the bombing of Baghdad the world was in his pocket. But largely because of the rush to war in the face of not allowing the UN Inspectors to complete their search he was viewed as arrogant on the worldstage and this same support practically vanished. What a huge difference a contingent of French and German soldiers on the ground in Iraq would make in sealing the borders and the overall peace keeping. For the most part, guns, rockets, bombs, and angry insurgents are pouring into Iraq without impunity, making our men and women sitting ducks. We take out two insurgents and five more take their place the next week — just like Viet Nam. Our soldiers are quickly becoming out numbered, if not already.
And just like Viet Nam, the US is now forced to maintain a presence inIraq in order to prop up the democracy we put in place. Even so, there is always the possibility that the Iraq regime that is duly elected and sanctioned by the US will turn corrupt under the weight of maintaining their control over the voting public. We had this same situation in Viet Nam withthe Diem Government, that is until he was assassinated. Eventually the South Viet Nam soldiers, for all practical purposes, were unwilling to go into the jungles to fight the war with a passion needed to defeat the NorthViet Nam enemy who were taking the passionate fight to the US soldiers. US bombers would take out 50 miles of supply roads and bridges in one afternoon and the North Viet Nam peasants and soldiers would have them rebuilt in ten days.
This Iraq War will get very ugly. What are the odds that in the next year or so our intelligence locates enemy supply lines leading back toTehran, or Damascus? Do we escalate the war by bombing those cities?
To me, I just think that W is a plain speaking fellow that is in Way Over his Head. Bush would make a fine Church Deacon, and an honorable calling in itself. His dull intellect suggests to me that he can ONLY understand a complex Foreign Policy formula, like Iraq, when his advisors reduce it into the lowest common, ‘self serving’ denominator. [Self Serving motives are always a heavy temptation in times of war anyway]. Something on the order of Vice President Halliburton’s, which is where I honestly believe that Cheney carried the day.
In my opinion it was Cheney’s experience with the first Gulf War that greatly influenced Connie Rice. We cannot overlook that she was selected as Bush’s NS Advisor because of her knowledge of Communism and Eastern Europe. Cheney was the one person that Bush relied on most, otherwise Colin Powell would be staying on as Secy of State in the odd event that Bush gets reelected.
I believe that it was Cheney who OVER SIMPLIFIED the war and Bush bought into it. By the same token, I also believe the voting public has been DUMBED DOWN and influenced by political rhetoric they will go to the polls in November dressed in the American Flag to keep Bush in office. Sad.
Thank heaven for academia. The history books will get it right, that is if there are books to read after this mess comes to some intelligent conclusion.


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