Friday, October 08, 2004

So we all know that Bush is a dumb-ass, right? We know this to be true in so many ways. Sure, he is an arrogant bullying n’er do well, who was taught by his nasty mom to be as mean and unfeeling as she is. Sure, he was the kid who would beat the poor kid up to take his lunch money, not because he needed it, but because it was a way for him to exert power in his fiefdom. What else do we know about him? He is from a well educated family. He was prep school educated, followed by time in two Ivy League Universities. If you listen to the debates with Ann Richards (Texas governor’s race) he is articulate, and he pronounces the word nuclear correctly. So why has he lost that ability? To sound folksy. Pay attention tonight. See if he has been coached out of that sour look on his face. Also pay attention to the words he is mispronouncing. They are affectations my friends, they are yet another lie, proving once again that the former resident of the Texas governor’s mansion can’t open his mouth without deceiving.



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