Sunday, October 03, 2004

Okay, it's true that before last Thursday we were complaining about how the media gets into drama criticism and ignores the substance of debates, Gore's eye rolling in 2000 being the main example. Now that body language favors the Dems, we've changed our tune. Well, as Walt Whitman said, "If I contradict myself, very well then, I contradict myself." After all, how could we not? After a depressing September, who could pass up this chance to hoot and holler? The New York Times had the best analysis of the body language in Thursday's debate. They said, for example:
The cameras demonstrated that Mr. Bush cannot hear criticism without frowning, blinking and squirming (he even sighed once). They showed that Mr. Kerry can control his anger and stay cool but that he cannot suppress his inner overeager A student, flashing a bleach-white smile and nodding hungrily at each question.
Do yourself a favor and click here to read the article.
Anyway, we have a right to savor Bush's facial tics and tense posture because, as a matter of fact, Kerry routed Bush on the issues as well. As The Boston Globe pointed out:
Despite a game attempt by the president to depict Kerry as indecisive, it was Kerry who attacked Bush for sending mixed messages in matters of homeland security -- by cutting funds for firefighters and other first responders, by failing to protect seaports and bridges, and especially by shifting his focus from Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein. Kerry even managed to turn around the president's presumed best asset: his determination and spine. "You can be certain but you can also be wrong," Kerry said succinctly.
Most heartening of all is that undecided voters agreed with partisan Dems about who won, as The New York Post (a Murdoch paper) pointed out:
October 1, 2004 -- CORAL GABLES, Fla. - A group of Florida swing voters last night said Sen. John Kerry cleaned President Bush's clock in the first high-stakes presidential debate.
Of the 18 swing voters taking part in pollster Frank Luntz's focus group last night, they scored it a 16 to 2 Kerry victory.
Nine of them say Kerry's debate performance convinced them that he's the right man to lead the country for the next four years, while just two are committed to voting for President Bush. Seven are still up for grabs.

I want Kerry to grab those other seven voters this Friday at Washington University.


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