Saturday, October 02, 2004

Nicholas Kristof's column in the Saturday New York Times describes an "Afghanistan that shows real promise in the north - but is falling apart in the rural areas of the south. The result is more terrorism and narcotics, and more Americans coming home in body bags." Mr. Nyamatullah, a 33-year-old tribal leader from a dangerous southern province told Kristof:
"At first, people were very hopeful, and they thought America would help us," said Mr. Nyamatullah, who initially was an enthusiastic supporter of the American invasion. "The [new Afghan] government promised us new schools, district offices, clinics, water pumps, but it has done nothing at all. People are so disappointed. ... At least the Taliban would grade roads, build madrassas, while this government has done nothing."
Mr. Nyamatullah still hates the Taliban, but he added, "If the situation continues and America does the same things, I definitely will pick up a gun and fight the Americans."

The environment in the north is improving. The tense situation in the rural south is so unnecessary. Click here to read the rest of the column.


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