Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The latest Zogby poll, while admitting that the race is razor thin in several states, still puts Kerry ahead electorally 322 to 216. Naturally, the question is can we trust Zogby. Daily Kos gives us reason to think so.
Bush: 216
Kerry: 322
A virtual landslide! Please say it's true!
Well, we won't know for sure until November, but I do have some good news for you. Guess which polling outfit has the number one, best-of-the-best, hang-your-hat-on-it accuracy over the last two presidential election cycles?
Give up? Okay, I'll tell you...
In 2000, Zogby was one of several pollsters that was only two cumulative percentage points off from the actual results, ... but it was the only one in that group to actually choose Gore as the winner (which we all know he was).
In 1996, Zogby hit the nail right on the head. Sure, everyone predicted a Clinton victory, but Zogby predicted the exact percentage totals for Clinton, Dole...and even Perot at 8%. Unbelievable!
As an added bonus, Zogby's national poll has Kerry at 50.6% leading Bush at 48.1%.
So if it's accuracy and a proven track record that you're looking for, then stick with Zogby.
... and No. I'm not getting paid by Zogby to hype their site. I guess it just pays to be the best.

The site includes a state by state breakdown of Zogby's current predictions, as well as predictions for 2000 and 1996.
Click here to see those charts.
The Zogby news is just part of a column listing 35 reasons to believe Kerry will win. I'm going to give you the link, but first a warning: the article is long and such good news is addictive. So click here, but only if you can spare some time for lifting your spirits.


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