Thursday, October 21, 2004

If women don't think this country is taking a giant step backward with respect to our attitudes about women's roles, check out The June Cleaver Vote from USA Today. The regressive conservative swing in America wants to put women in their places, and those places don't include the boardroom, the work place or even having an opinion in the White House.

Note to future First Ladies from the Christian Taliban: Just you mind your subservient role, and do what you do best -- keep redecorating the Lincoln Bedroom, selecting centerpiece themes, and gazing upon your powerful husband with the cartoonish gaze of an admiring, lobotomized school girl, a la Nancy Reagan.

Which type of first lady do you prefer?
Traditional 72%
Non-traditional 28%

Who do you think would make a better first lady?
Laura Bush 72%
Teresa Heinz Kerry 28%

How much of an impact does a candidate's wife have in the campaign?
A little 46%
A lot 46%
None 8%
Total Votes: 180,293

Michael Ankelman


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