Monday, October 25, 2004

I love it when I'm forced to apologize for disseminating incorrect information--as long as the misinformation was bad news and the correction is good news. Two weeks ago I wrote that Air America was practically going down the tubes.
Air America is floundering. In May, it had trouble meeting its payroll and because of a dispute with Multicultural Broadcasting, it has lost its New York and Chicago markets and is down to fourteen carriers, mostly satellite and internet. Advertising agency gurus know that its advertising spots are practically free. The reason is that advertisers don't want to invest in something that they fear will lose its audience once the election is over.
While it's true that Air America lost its Chicago market and that there was a mixup over one payroll last spring, everything else I said was either wrong or badly out of date. Just this last couple of weeks, they added three more stations, so now they're up to 36 outlets. They're in New York. In Portland, they're the number one talk radio station.
After the election, Democrats need to concentrate on getting Air America going in their cities. St. Louis and Kansas City are ripe for its ideas. If we don't fight the propaganda wars on radio, Rush's ilk will win this country.
I'm SO glad Air America is building its base.


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