Friday, October 08, 2004

Dear Mr. Cheney,

You're a lucky man. You faced a skilled debater who mustered every fiber of restraint to remain a courteous gentleman during the vice-presidential debate.
John Edwards gave you the respect due your office -- but much more than what was due YOU. I know for a fact that a huge percentage of Americans wanted
Edwards to reach down your throat and rip out your cold, black heart for what you've done to this country.

The media slowly is catching up with your debate lies, such as the whopper you told when you stated you never made a connection between Iraq and 9/11. Of
course you did. You know it. America knows it. It's on video tape. (Note to Cheney: Don't lie about things that are on videotape!) You referred to Iraq
as, "The geographic base of the terrorists who have had us under assault for many years, but most especially on 9/11." Not only that, there's also video
tape of you lying about not having said that BEFORE the debates as well. (Note to Cheney: Don't lie about things that are on videotape!)

You also lied when you said you had never met John Edwards. If I were John Edwards, I would have reminded America that, judging by what you said to
Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont on the Senate floor, maybe that's a good thing. You remember. You said, "Go f**k yourself!" (And you'll like this, big guy, we
now use the word "Cheney" as a synonym for the F-word.)

Oh, and I've seen at least three video clips wherein you were WITH John Edwards prior to the debate. So the question is, are you losing your
mind or just your memory? (NOTE to Cheney AGAIN: Don't lie about things that are on videotape!) Hey, but you're in the administration that once considered the idea of
a "Department of Strategic Misinformation," so none of this should be a surprise.

I would have answered your charges about Edward's Senate-attendance record by saying, "Unfortunately, my absences are necessary because it is my moral and
patriotic duty to fight as hard as I can to do the one thing that deep in my heart I truly believe is the best thing I can do for America right now, and
that's to do everything in my power to remove YOU and your boss from office before the two of you can do any more damage than you've already done."

You question whether John Kerry has the requisite conviction to defend America. Let me remind you and America that John Kerry volunteered to
go to Vietnam to be a human target, while you racked up five deferments, because you, as you've said, "Had more important things to do." So don't lecture
anybody about conviction.

You say John Kerry has been on the wrong side of defense; I submit that YOU'VE been on the wrong side of HISTORY. You voted for the approval
of plastic guns! What were you THINKING? Was it that you didn't have the CONVICTION to fight for the safety of average Americans? Or was it that you couldn't stand up
to the PRESSURE of the NRA? Oh how the terrorists would be loving you now had your absurd vote prevailed.

Of course, back then, you had no clue what was coming, did you? I mean you were told, but still, you were too arrogant to listen. That's why your
pre-9/11 myopic preoccupation with a Star Wars missile shield was one of the many reasons YOU left America unprotected. (NOTE to Cheney: Osama Bin Laden
has NEVER had intercontinental missiles!) You and your boss screwed up pre-9/11, and now you talk to America as if you and your boss are the only two men on earth who can protect America.
And here's the beauty part: If we get attacked before Nov. 2, you're going to say, "See how much you need us to protect you?" And fully half of America
will not be able to see the absurdity of that conclusion.

Oh, and we remember your inspiring leadership immediately after 9/11 -- "Buy duct tape. Keep shopping. Don't criticize." You guys were clueless
before, during, and after 9/11, and NOW you present yourselves as The Great Protectors? You guys are as phony as an infomercial sidekick.

You repeatedly deride John Kerry's core principles and personal character. So answer this: What kind of broken moral compass would a man have to
have to be the CEO of a company that knowingly did business with the very heinous dictator he now says was worth the lives of over 1,000 Americans and
over 10,000 innocent Iraqis to put behind bars? Not only did you deal with Hussein, but you dealt with Iran as well. In fact, you went out of your WAY to deal
with the enemies of America. Your record SHOWS us what kind of character you have, and what kind of character you ARE.

Michael Ankelman


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