Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Our own Baghdad Bob, aka Donald Rumsfeld, has been waxing optimistic about Iraq. You know how focused the Republicans are at being on message, and Rumsfeld was. He's upbeat about the 160,000 Iraqi security forces. And he's still Rummy, speaking as always in rhetorical questions: "Is it going to take more than that? Yes." And like the rest of the Bushies--who feel free to lambaste Kerry as a flip-flopper--he flip-flopped, confident that most of the American public don't know enough to notice it.
Remember how Bush wanted to take revenge in Fallujah for the death and mutilation of private security guards? He wanted "heads to roll". Then, once forces were engaged in battle, remember how he ordered a pullout? Even the general in charge was irate at the vacillation. So was Ike Skelton, the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. He wrote Rumsfeld a blistering letter. Today's Post-Dispatch article says:
Rumsfeld said he had not seen the letter, but said Skelton is "exactly right, and the military there will not allow the sanctuaries."
"You cannot have [Fallujah and Ramadi] in the hands of people who are determined to overthrow the Iraqi government."

Tough talk. The Bushies excel at tough talk. What they don't excel at is wisdom or honesty--nor at steadfastness, either.


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