Thursday, September 16, 2004

Earlier this week, Bill Maher was saying on "Larry King Live" that he's almost tempted to wish Bush would be reelected just so, for the first time in his life, he'd be forced to clean up his own mess--Iraq. Even if we get Kerry into office, that quagmire will be there, and Kerry won't take us out of it. The deaths and the expense will drag on for years, damaging not only the country, but the Democratic Party in the process. It will become Kerry's mess, the Democratic Party's mess. The Dems will likely be divided between those who urge withdrawal and those who think we should stay. Such turmoil won't lend itself to us building a strong progressive vision. And it's not like Kerry's a Dean, Kucinich, or Nader. He'll pretty much do business as usual--or what passed as usual before Bush came along.
So, if it weren't for the Supreme Court issue and the way Bush puts foxes in charge of every regulatory henhouse, I'd be very tempted to let Dubya find his own way to let go of this particular tiger's tail. Other than Bush's fiscal rape of the country, what would we have to worry about? Hmmm? Besides four more years of Ashcroft and a ruinous energy policy, what's the problem? Who knows, maybe four more years of this crap would backfire on them--or not.
We'd better get Kerry elected.


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