Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Do Yard Signs Really Help?
> I have an observation and a question. There have been
> occassional postings in which someone mentioned seeing
> a bumper sticker or yard sign which made them feel
> anger and frustration. How does that manifest itself?
> It makes us want to go to the polls and vote for our
> candidate. The more bush signs I see in Webster
> Groves, and there are loads of them, the more I feel
> that we are in trouble and every vote on our side
> counts. Putting aside for a moment the deepseated
> desire for a bumber mounted flamethrower, it
> galvanizes my feelings, and makes me want to find
> three more students who are not yet registered to vote
> so I can sign them up. If I were to see a whole mess
> of Kerry signs in the neighborhood I might get
> complacent, and think we're doing pretty well.
> The bushistas are at least as serious about the little
> idiot as we are about the guy from Massachusetts. Make
> no mistake about that. So if I were to post a Kerry
> sign on my highly visible lawn (as opposed to in my
> window where it now lives), would I be helping us or
> hurting us? The forces of evil, upon seeing more Kerry
> signs, would become more galvanized, attempt to do
> more organizing, rather than becoming complacent by
> seeing more signs for the shrub than for Kerry. Would
> I in fact be hurting our cause by flying my colors? I
> still have a "If you don't vote people like Bush and
> Cheney get selected" bumper sticker on my white Toyota
> (right next to the one that says, "I Do Understand,
> That's Why I Drive A Toyota" - wave next time you pass
> me), but I am reluctant to turn my yard into a sign
> farm because I may just be galvanizing the opposition.
> Personally I don't believe for a second that
> fence-sitters are swayed by lawn signs.
> Opinions?
Gary Gottlieb


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