Thursday, August 19, 2004

They say great literature is born of pain. Some think it is the product of a twisted mind. Fortunately, I got gobs of both. Unfortunately I'm not here to make great literature. I'm here because I'm angry. Pissed off. None of this sublimated-midwestern-I'll-tell-someone-later kind of pissed off, NO, I'm talking in-your-face-Brooklyn-kind-of pissed off. Another time, maybe soon, I'll explain that difference, for now I'll tell you about some groups that have me pissed off. Let's start with the obvious. Fat cat republicans. Nothing to like about them unless you're one of them. As a wise man once said, born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. I'm paraphrasing. I'll do that a lot. Don't complain about the form, just the content. Back to them. Arrogant. Liars. Don't think the rules apply to them. Think we're all dumb and compliant as sheep (lemmings?) and that none of us will ever catch on to the evil they do. No matter how blatant. Accuse us of doing what they do when it's determined to be bad--like every time democrats object to a reactionary ideologue of a judicial nominee who happens to be black orHispanic, we are the racists. Ludicrous! Co-opt and bastardize our ideas. Do we need examples? I think not, it's obvious, and it's in the newspapers daily. Yes, they have me pissed off. I am not a violent person, but the death penalty would be too kind a fate for some of these arrogant liars who claim that their self interest is sound public policy. Makes me want to yell at my rich republican neighbor's dog for failing to recognize his master as reprehensible. And as Bruce Cockburn once sang, "If Ihad a rocket launcher...".
How about rank and file republicans? Should I be angry at them, or pity them? Everyone from the middle class ones, who think it's great that they got $1,000 back off their taxes last year (without realizing that their family is $50,000 in the hole now, their part of the spiraling national debt). My old neighbors fromVermont who lived in a trailer, subsistence level, but were proud of their snowmobiles, eight foot satellite dish (aka Vermont State Flower), and family tradition of conservative politics. Young one issue voters, the kind from the Westboro Baptist Church who post hatefilled messages at (I kid you not!), who at 18 or 19 have dedicated their lives to one issue, whether it's assault weapons ownership, the assault on a woman's freedom to choose, or limiting the civil rights of a subculture. Should I be angry at these people due to their naiveté? Are they truly mean and vindictive, like the fat cats, or have the fatcats duped them? When someone cuts me off on the highway, should I assume that he is an incompetent driver, or should I assume that he did it on purpose? Or was it my, "Some Other Asshole ForPresident" bumper sticker? Depending on the day, my mood, and how much my foot hurts, I'll attribute some of it to uninformed citizenship, and some of it to selfishness. Even poor people think they're gonna be rich someday, and when they are BOY are they gonna be glad that the former resident of the texas governor's mansion gave them that five figure tax cut. So they're delusional. I'll pity them AND be pissed at them.
Tomorrow I'll rant on about why I'm pissed at us liberals.


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