Thursday, August 26, 2004

Question: Does the author of the follwing paragraphs about right wing student organizations approve or disapprove of liberal professors in the politics department at Ithaca College?
... [C]onservatives are making quick advances on even the most liberal campuses and YAF's (Young America's Foundation)millions are no small reason. Take Ithaca College. When foundation officials described it to me, it sounded like a suffocating gulag. I was told that a Bay Buchanan speech had been reported to the college's Orwellian-sounding bias-related-incidents committee and that professors in the politics department openly sniggered at Republican kids in class. ...
When I spoke with her in March, Professor Barlas told me it was her department's role to challenge students with perspectives they won't get elsewhere. ... "Our strength is our ability to offer our students alternative perspectives." "Alternative" in this case means "liberal": with help from the local Republican Party, some conservative students surveyed the college's professors and found 113 Democrats and seven Republicans, none of whom taught politics.
But outside the radical pocket of that department, the Ithaca College Republicans--with YAF help--have begun to change the campus in the four years since Roger Custer founded the G.O.P. organization.
8/30/04 Time Magazine
Okay, phrases like "suffocating gulag" and "radical politics department" are a dead giveaway, as if anyone on this site believed in the "liberal media" myth anyway. But I don't want to be scoffing, ten years from now, at the "myth" that college professors are ever "liberal." Right now, many of them are, but I don't want them purged or censored the way left wing professors were in the McCarthy era. We need to organize.
I'll be writing next about how the Republicans organized over the last thirty years. They got serious about organizing and they still are. It's time we started to do the same.


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