Tuesday, May 11, 2004

When Donald Rumsfeld took "full responsibility" for Abu Ghraib, it reminded me of an anecdote I read years ago about a woman who went into a cafe in a strange town. She didn't know what was good there, but she thought that "fresh cut fruit compote" sounded tasty and ordered it. When it came, it was obviously from a can, so she quoted the menu to the waitress, who said: "Oh, honey, it just SAYS that." You can SAY anything.

I say he should resign. I know what I think about the issue, but I am confused about everybody else. Two thirds of Americans don't think Rumsfeld should resign, but George Will, on the other hand--George Will!--thinks he should. All I can make of it is that lots of people like Rummy. They think he's straightforward.


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