Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Title: My displeasure at Claire, part 1

I just received one of those lovely “campaign emails”, and since it ticked me off, I’d like to put it into context and critique it, if you will.
The title of this innocuous campaign email: Claire is going to Win. A dubious claim right off the bat. But wait, it gets better! Read on:

In fact, the polls show Claire matches up better against likely Republican nominee Matt Blunt than Holden does. More and more Missouri Democrats are realizing that because of his disappointing record, Bob Holden simply cannot win in November.

Ah, using polls to stir up fear. A disgusting tactic, but a common practice nonetheless. To be fair, I’ve seen these one or two of these polls, and yes, Claire consistently places higher than Governor Holden, plus she did well in statewide elections as auditor. What Claire ISN’T telling you is that if she were the nominee, her poll numbers would most likely go down to match or possibly dip below where Holden is placing now. Remember Wes Clark’s numbers before he entered the Presidential race? They were in the high 50’s. He lost 10 points just from announcing his candidacy. Another good comparison is what has happened to John Kerry’s momentum or lack thereof. We Dean Democrats saw this particular problem coming over a year ago, and I believe the same thing that’s happening to Kerry now would happen to Claire. That is a very normal consequence of transitioning from one status to another. How Claire intends to avoid or tackle this is beyond me, but it’s not my problem. It’ll be Claire’s if she wins the nomination.

Then there’s her last election, where her competitor was a convicted felon. To her credit she did get 60% of the vote against the felon, but I don’t consider that a fair measure of how she would do against a real competitor.
You know, like Matt Blunt.

Secondly, you want to spell out what part of Holden’s record is disappointing? Is it that he doesn’t have a magic wand to undo those veto overrides? Is it because the Republicans have intentionally sabotaged the budget process from the beginning of his term to make him look weak? Or is it that he took time away from Jefferson City politics to fight for those pesky strikers at your local supermarkets? I didn’t see YOU out on those lines, Claire.
By the way, Claire may want to look into her Republican husband’s business enterprises. I’ve heard he owns retirement homes, and guess what? They’re non union. BIG surprise there!

To finish out my comments on this section, her statement that Governor Holden can’t win is rings true when you consider that it’s the undermining by Claire’s campaign that makes it possible.

I’ll have more on the blog concerning Claire’s misguided candidacy later. Stay tuned.

Joe Breummer


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