Thursday, May 06, 2004

OK, I have a couple of problems with the Carnahan congressional campaign as of late. First of all, I'm not happy with the explanation the Carnahan campaign has given for the Sam's Club expenditure on his FEC report. I'm sorry, but if a Democrat in THIS state doesn't know that ALL Walton based businesses are out of bounds, then someone needs their head examined. Who is the idiot that is not aware of the Wal Mart plight in America? Why are we not putting more of an effort to chase Wal Mart back over the Arkansas border?

I don't care how much money or sport franchises they have, if they are union busting, then they need to get out of Missouri, period.

Secondly, there are a few problems with the speech that Debra Carnahan gave last night. She has claimed Planned Parenthood has endorsed Russ. Where is the documentation? This is Missouri. Show me the Press release.

Finally, I take great offense at her blatant pandering and patronizing tone by the overuse of Howard Dean's name. Where were you during the primary? I know where Jeff was. You don't have the right to use his vision since you did not come out for him during the primary, and I don't care if your last name is Gandhi. I told Russ personally that he should reach out to us, and he chose to ignore what I had to say. You chose your lot, now live with it.

And what's this "was" thing? Howard Dean and his vision are very much alive. That vision lives within the membership of Change for Missouri. We demand respect, and not politics as usual.

Joe Bruemmer


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