Thursday, May 13, 2004

My Displeasure at Claire, part 2

Hopefully, you’ve read my comments regarding the McCaskill campaign, where I pointed out what I consider to be falsehoods being perpetrated by the McCaskill campaign. To satisfy my sense of fairness, I’m now posting the positive press Claire is using in her emails, and what is fundamentally wrong with how they are framed:

Just look at what the press and pundits are saying about (Claire’s) campaign:
Campaigns & Elections’ Ron Faucheux writes that “Missouri’s Bob Holden (D) is probably in a bigger re-election danger than any other elected governor this year. Elected by a narrow margin last time, Holden’s term has been marred by messy budget controversies. He’s challenged for re-nomination by the state auditor, Claire McCaskill, who has him locked in a tough battle.”
(Campaigns & Elections, April 2004)
Top political analyst Charlie Cook writes that “Democrat Bob Holden is undoubtedly the most vulnerable governor seeking re-election this year. … Holden faces a strong challenge within his own party from state Auditor Claire McCaskill, who is in her second term. She has audited nearly every government department and says she has saved taxpayers millions of dollars. … The primary contest is beginning to get nasty in the wake of two public polls that show Holden unpopular and many voters undecided.”
(National Journal, April 8, 2004)
United Press International: “political observers point out that Holden first has to shove his way past another strong contender, State Auditor Claire McCaskill … the first term governor is still working without a net when it comes to the polls.”
(UPI, May 6, 2004)
Even Holden’s biggest supporter in Missouri recently stated: “He’s got a helluva race ahead of him,” said Missouri AFL-CIO President Hugh McVey, a Holden supporter.

Now, of course there are some problems here, some of which I addressed in the earlier post. What really jumps out at me now is the bothersome use of a right wing rag like the National Journal to toot her own horn. That is an automatic 2 point penalty in my book. There’s a second problem though: why does it sound like Claire is nothing but an afterthought in these statements? The gist of all the comment is that the road ahead will be hard for Governor Holden. The rest of it just sounds like pimping the proverbial horserace to sell papers, except for the right wing rag who touts what they like about Claire: Her ability to cut costs. TAX CUTS? Haven’t we had enough of them? That’s a Wal Mart Republican strategy if I ever saw one!
Claire is depending on you, the primary voter, to succumb to your fear and appeal to our collective laziness to win this nomination. That’s just sad especially when you think of this statement made by Harry Truman:
“If you put a fake Republican up against a real one, voters will choose the real thing every time”. Sage words indeed. I feel Claire is ignoring them, so you might want to drop her a note and help her out through this tough time:
Joe Bruemmer


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