Friday, May 07, 2004

The mess in Iraq bids fair to bring this presidency down. But who knows? Bush's poll numbers ought to be down around 3 percent, but he's still right up there near fifty. The moral is that we need to be attacking him on every conceivable front and a feisty fourth term representative from Colorado is doing that.

Diana DeGette is prodding the White House to change its stand on stem cell research and the environment. The stem cell research is especially interesting because two thirds of voters in swing states would like to see it changed.

DeGette, with a lot of help from Rep. Michael Castle, a Republican from Delaware, and California Republican Duke Cunningham, got 206 members of the House, including 36 Republicans, to sign a letter to President Bush criticizing his restrictive policy on stem cell research.

This is significant for two reasons: First, there is hard-wired partisanship on Capitol Hill that has completely annihilated any notion of a non-partisan issue. Second, the stem cell debate is closely tied to abortion, obviously the most volatile of all wedge issues; this is not the first place you might think to test the waters of bipartisanship. But we live for surprises in this town.

Another surprise is that Colorado, which Gore lost by nine percentage points in 2000, may be back in play. Find out the details by clicking here.


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