Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Let me introduce you to our subject of the day: Citizen Sam Fox. Sam Fox is important to St. Louis because of his many "charitable" works and his Management company, The Harbor Group. Here's how the Business Journal describes the business:

St. Louis-based Harbour Group is the sixth largest privately held company in St. Louis with an estimated $2 billion in revenue in 2002. The company is a holding company for various manufacturing and distribution firms.

Sounds like a really lucrative venture that could cater to say, companies who have been outsourcing and resembles the Halliburton subsidiary structure? It doesn't appear that the Harbour Group has been adversely affected by the Bush recession either, but you should look it up for yourself.

I consider Citizen Fox the de facto head of the Missouri Republican Party. I base this on his role as the central fundraiser for Bush/Cheney's Missouri re-election efforts. Every fundraiser that we have organized protests for Citizen Fox has turned out hundreds of thousands of dollars for. Citizen Fox also includes in his close circle of friends people like Bert Walker, Bucky Bush, Marilyn Schnuck, The Danforths (Citizen Fox works a lot with Washington University), and the other cronies that make up the organization known as "Civic Progress". If you didn't know, this cynically monikered organization is filled with the richest of the rich in St. Louis, and I would charge that they actually are the real "governors" of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.

There's a reason why I'm bringing this up. I learned a lot about politics from my father, and he has one rule that has remained a constant:

If you have to ask why, it's probably money.

A simple statement, yet it is profound in its' simplicity because you can see it the more you are educated and involved in your community. It is the name of the mountain I see that lies before our shared journey toward real social justice and an equitable society.

I am of the opinion that all our fights and struggles could come to victory if we address this particular group, expose them for what they are.

It has been reported that the Shrub is coming back to St. Louis in a few weeks, and we all know that there will be more appearances. Deep Throat told Woodward and Bernstein to "follow the money", and I think we should do the same. Citizen Fox and Civic Progress need to be sent a message that we find their stranglehold on our state and local politics intolerable and we mean business.

Let's propose some actions to send that message.

Sam Fox, (314) 994-0751, 10 Millstone Campus Dr, Saint Louis, MO 63146 Yahoo! Maps MapQuest

Joe Bruemmer


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