Monday, May 10, 2004


I have to say that you have really impressed me as of late also, and made very difficult for me to choose just one. I think that the residents of the 3rd Congressional District should feel honored to have such progressive candidates running. Many of us at Change For Missouri we gratified to hear that you did so well because we can now say that these people are leaders that are quality candidates, they know the issues and are shining examples of what kind of public servants America needs in Congress-the kind that have backbones. That gives me hope at a time in history when hope is hard to find.

You have earned my respect, which is almost as hard as earning my vote.
However, (and I know I’m inviting criticism for stating this) this leads to a few dilemmas. I am deeply concerned about the progressive vote being split in the 3rd and within Change for Missouri. If this happens, the result will be more politics as usual and we shoot ourselves in the foot. The people of Missouri need another aggressive progressive in the House, and we have endorsed Jeff Smith who is as much of an embodiment of that description as you are.

Therefore, I offer something of a solution. I am humbly asking that you not compete against our endorsed candidate, but JOIN us and make us all stronger. I ask this and would add that I do not begrudge you for your ambition and desire, nor do I mean to belittle your efforts. Running for office is an incredible personal risk for anyone, and you have shown your courage by doing so. Again, I worry about splitting the progressive vote. We need to unify if we are to take back our government, and the members of Change for Missouri want this more than anything else. We have endorsed Jeff, so we have to hold that commitment if our endorsement is to amount to a hill of beans. I also know that I am not the only member of Change for Missouri that intends to keep fighting past November, and we want Change for Missouri to be a crucial element in the long term battle against the fascist tendencies of the Republican Party. It would be an honor if you added your voice to ours.

For the good of the future of our Democracy, I extend my hand to you Corey. Help unite us now and give progressives a real fighting chance to make a Change for Missouri.

Joe Bruemmer


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