Saturday, May 01, 2004

All right, George, being omnipotent, I couldn't help but notice Frontline's program on your born again love of the three of us. I was embarrassed for you, George, and more than a little annoyed at the way you sully my reputation.

Let me enlighten you. Extramarital sex and drunkenness are way down on the list of things I disapprove of, a few miles below cheating on a national scale to enrich your already obscenely wealthy friends. Keep in mind what I told the rich young ruler, that it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. Furthermore, you're blithely degrading my creation. It's bad enough the damage that's already been done. How dare you make it worse! And then there's that war in which thousands of people are dying so you can strut around in a flight suit. And don't give me that business about Saddam being part of the axis of evil.

You just straighten up your own act. Stop lying hourly to hide all your many sins. Stop being so self satisfied and try a little REAL humility.

Here's the odd part. I laid it out in both Testaments how I wanted you to behave. How can you fail to notice how many commandments you break, on a grand scale, every day? How can you be so dense, George? How? Don't forget, Lucifer thought he was hot stuff, too. He and I came to a parting of ways, and right now you are strolling down HIS path, not mine.



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