Thursday, April 08, 2004


This was sent to me yesterday by Jonathan Halvorson, who is a former Missouri for Dean supporter who now lives in New York. It seemed so unfathomable to me that I had to research it myself. Imagine my surprise when I found it to be completely true. Thanks Jonathan.

Yesterday, as the Missouri House struggled to pass a budget, House Majority Floor Leader Jason Crowell, R-Cape Girardeau, grew impatient with Democrats speaking out against the bill.
To express his disapproval, Representative Crowell began to harass and laugh at the Democrats. His comments included "Hello, hello, earth to you" and many repetitions of "Puleezeeee." He went on to scold Democrats, talk over them, and make fun of them.
When a few Democrats continued to ask for their time, this fine representative responded by making loud farting noises into his microphone to drown what the Democrats were saying.

Please drop Representative Crowell a note at and let him know how much you appreciate his sterling leadership.

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...and of course my take on the post's take:

Ms.(or Mrs.) Young,

I am confused about your article. Is it an editorial or is it meant to be straight news? Where you actually there? If so, I am amazed that the worst thing you can say about Jason Cromwell’s unbelievably tacky and disrespectful behavior is that he startled members by spitting into the microphone. Did you miss the fact that he continually talked over the democrats, said PUHLEEEEZEE several times, insinuated they were from another planet and made flatulence noises into the microphone? The title of your piece frames the issue nicely for republicans “Mo. budget plan boosts school funding” Perhaps it should have been, “Republican Majority House Leader Jason Crowell Proves He’s a Condescending Ass”

Dyan Ortbal-Avalos


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