Thursday, April 22, 2004

We got the advance word about reinstating the draft a couple of weeks ago from Democracy 4 America. Now they're starting to sell it to the public. On NPR yesterday, I heard Joe Biden, for God's sake, a Democrat, speaking in favor of it.

In this morning's paper, Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., says we need to "ensure that all Americans 'bear some responsibility . . . pay some price'" for our freedoms. He spins it as hard as he can: "His main interest, he said, is to ensure that . . . 'the privileged, the rich' as well as the less affluent bear the burden of fighting wars of the future." He might as well have waved his hands in front of him, shaken his head, and protested: "Honest, honest, we wouldn't just put the rich kids in community service in Sausalito." When they start using phrases like "bear the burden", watch out.

If we hadn't gone into Iraq, no draft would be necessary. Now we're stuck there. Or are we? Islamic countries are pushing the U.N. to take over in Iraq after June 30. Pakistan and Malaysia are even offering to contribute troops.

What attitude will the people on this website take? Some will say that we should not be quick to acquiesce to a draft or to believe assurances that it would be fair this time. Others will be more uncompromising: @#$%^&*! Try to remember what happened with the last unfair draft for an unnecessary war. It's not necessary. It's never been fair, and it wouldn't be this time. And some of us may feel that more troops must be called up. We shouldn't be in this bind, but we are, and we need more soldiers.

What do you think?


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