Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Today, I speak on behalf of the Linda Jacobsen campaign. Linda has vowed to defeat a man named Kenny Hulshof in the 9th Congressional District. I received an email about an event Hulshof held not too long ago, and it occurred to me that maybe there were some people out there who might know why THIS guy in particular needs to be run out of Washington.

A quick bio: Kenny Hulshof was a prosecuting attorney from the Ashcroft School of Repression, and now takes his cues directly from the Karl Rove playbook. There is not Right Wing-nut position he doesn’t like, and his donor list reads like a who’s who of the Midwestern Conservative movement’s A-List. Ken Hulshof is so far in Edward Jones’, Agribusiness interests, and Wal Mart’s pockets that it’s disgusting!

Ken Hulshof sits on possibly the MOST POWERFUL Committee in Congress, Ways and Means. The Ways and Means Committee controls much of what goes on in Congress because it’s primary role is to set the budget priorities for where tax dollars are come from, and they control many key sub committees in Congress today. He was installed on Ways and Means in his freshman term in office during the Gingrich regime. Kenny proved to be a good little soldier for the Killer B’s (Bond, Roy Blunt, and of course Bush via his relative and St. Louis resident, Bucky Bush) and fell right in line. For his service to the Crown, Hulshof was rewarded with the Chairmanship of the Bush/Cheney campaign in Missouri.

If that’s not enough for you, here’s a description of an event where Mr. Hulshof used his position and status to not only act like the Snake Oil salesman that he is, but demonstrated an attitude that he has no real respect for the 1st Amendment or political dissent, despite Republican rhetoric contrary to this! I’ve added some commentary:

"Kenny Hulshof was in Columbia in the morning with Rod Paige (The guy who called the NEA “terrorists”) and in Fulton this evening at WWU for a "debate" with an Enlgish prof. (It was revealed to us at the Missouri Democratic convention that Westminster will not allow Democratic speakers on campus. Ask Linda about it) Turns out they go to the same church and are buds and it was no debate. (see above) Also they picked the old white men to ask questions, of course, because they either knew them or they were sitting with people they knew so they knew they would be on their side!!!! I was outraged and seated in a spot where I could not easily escape, especially since I am now known there and it would have been too impolite to get up and leave. I went to support the English prof, but it wasn't a real debate. They did disagree on the war, but he was way too respectful of Hulshof. (So, what does this mean? Was the debate a “staged event”?) Anyway, Linda needs to know what he is saying about the war. There is supposedly an article in the American Standard (A Google search on the phrase “American Standard” appropriately takes you to the toilet manufacturing company, but NO news publications or references thereof. Hmmm) that has "evidence" of ties or communication between bin Laden and Iraq. (Complicity is an amazing thing, isn’t it?) I wanted to ask him what the "evidence" was and why it hadn't appeared in the mainstream media, but I wanted more to get out of there before my blood pressure was any higher. So she needs to follow up on that. Are they ever going to debate? He was very slick. Implied a lot of things without really saying them so he could later weasle out of it, like Bush. (Oh gee, a Republican using implication over fact? Big surprise there!) I was thoroughly disgusted. I wasted my time and I have at least 10 million things to do before Saturday!!!

If she wants me to do a fundraiser for her here I'm willing after the session is over and before the end of May. We need to get right on it."

Indeed we do. I ask you to visit Linda’s site and support her efforts in any way you can. 2004 is the year when we turn the tide against these Republicans who use Fascist tactics and slick PR to get elected. I say, let’s not only take Bush head on, but his power structure, too! Kenny Hulshof is a cog in the Republican machine, but he is an important one to remove if we are to truly bring Change for Missouri.

Joe Bruemmer

"The liberty of a Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the
growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their
Democratic State itself. That, in its' essence, is Fascism-ownership of
Government power by an individual, by a group or by any controlling

-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt


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